Arts on the Ave Presents Champions of Alberta Avenue

The final screening of our special community documentary project


Champions of Alberta Avenue is community-driven project of Arts on the Ave. This project offers a unique opportunity for community members to celebrate the multicultural richness of the District and the people who have contributed to it – the true Champions of Alberta Avenue. Not only is it a celebration of our City’s unique interconnection of peoples, languages, history – but a celebration of family, diversity and community. This is where relationships have been built and will continue to grow in the years to come.

This project claims the title Champions of Alberta Avenue, and celebrates those business owners on Alberta Avenue who left their homeland over the past forty years, spoke little or no English on arriving in Edmonton, and started a new life and business here on Alberta Avenue. In this project, we focus on only eleven of the many businesses started by immigrants and refugees on 118 Avenue, and we would like to thank each of them for the generous support and kind participation in this project.

We believe that 118 Avenue has been aptly named Avenue of Champions, not just for the sports teams the area has hosted, but for the amazing people who have come from all over the world, many under difficult circumstances, and yet arrived and started a business in their new home. Arts on the Ave believes that these extraordinary stories need to be told and shared with our City. 

Please come and learn the personal stories of these Champions, through photography, storyboards and a short documentary film.

Art on the Ave thanks Edmonton Arts CouncilEdmonton Heritage Council and the Alberta Avenue Business Association for their generous support in the development of this unique community project.