Our team

The voluntary run board of Arts on the Ave consists of nine members, seven of whom are either practicing or former artists. The group started as a collective of like-minded individuals who planned, developed, implemented, managed and worked together toward their common goals. The board has seen some amazing successes and transformations. Its strength lies in its members. It is comprised of people with a vested interest in the success of the organization and the community. The members are diverse in their education and outlooks on life but they share goals and values and are not afraid to work to advance those. One of the most effective aspects of the board is the depth and breadth of its roots and branches in the community.

The structure of the organization consists of an executive committee supported by standing and ad hoc committees. These supplementary committees have a minimum of one board member per committee. They are staffed by the organizations membership and/or community volunteers. In addition, several interdisciplinary subcommittees meet regularly to discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and communicate ideas and directives between the board and the membership.



Board / Staff

Board Members

Jon Jon Rivero, President
Ann Pugh Jones, Past President
Randall Fraser, Vice President
Raymond Gariepy, Secretary
Randy Ritz, Treasurer
Jess Dupuis, Director
Christopher Smith, Director
Christy Morin, Executive Director

Arts Administrator

Karen McGale, DMA

AOTA Artist Members

Adam Tenove
Andrea Schmidt
Benny Arkless
Candace Makowichuk
Carmella Haykowsky
Carrie Hryniw
Cassie Smith
Cece Neff
Chris Wynters
Christine Baptiste
Cindy Clarke
Cindy Kirby
Claire Uhlick
Clayton Smith
Colin Vince
Congbo Wang
Corey Hochachka
Corey Wayne Hamilton
Crystal Driedger
Curtis Johnson
Darlene Hildebrandt
Dave Von Bieker
Dawn Fenton
Deborah Cardinal
Debra Milne
Diana Un-Jin Cho
Donna Pinkard
Eleanor Jerram



Fatima Khair
Fran Davis
Frances Finley
Franky Amete
Glen Mclean
Heide Mueller–Haas
Jan Perrin
Janie Anawanam
Jared Robinson
Jason Gonziola
Jennie Delaney
Jeremy Baumung
Jeremy Doody
Jing Guo
Joe Renaud
Joel Koop
John Barry
John Larsen
John-Clayton Wilson
Jolanda Thomas
Jolee Ukrainec
Jolene Armstrong
Jonathan Martin-DeMoor
Judith Martin
Julie Drew
Karen Porkka


Katie Diakur-Woytkiw
Keith Turnbull
Kelly Fowler
Keri Lynn Zwicker
Kim Blair
Kiona Ligtvoet
Laura O’Connor
Lori Youngman
Lorna Kemp
Lynne Fortowsky
Madeleine Arnett
Margaret Braun
Margot Soltice
Maria Pace-Wynters
Maria Rieduk
Maria Sieben
Mark Morris
Mark Parsons
Mary Jefferies
Maureen L. Holoiday
Michelle Wynnychuk
Mike Kendrick
Miriam Vanniejenhius
Nancy Corrigan
Naomi Pah

Nataliya Bukhanova
Nathan Philips
Nathan Treloar
Normand Berube
Oksana Zhelisko
Paul Freeman
Paul McGurk
Paula Kirman
Peter Chung
Rebecca Pickard
Rita Long
Rogelio Eduardo Menz
Sandie Kanak
Sandra Paetsch
Sherelle Carey
Shirley Zago
Stephanie Gruss
Susan Allebone
Susan Scott
Terry McDade
Tom Picard
Tom Roschkov
Tyler Enfield
Ulrike Rossier
Wanda Resik
Will Cramer
Yardley Jones