Community + Art + Passion

Arts on the Ave Edmonton Society is a registered non-profit, charity organization engaged in developing 118th Avenue  (75 – 106 Streets) into a community arts district.

Begun in 2005 and incorporated into a Society in 2007, this creative coalition has experienced exponential growth with a current involvement of over 200 multi-disciplinary artists and invested community members. This active growth has been spurred on by highly dedicated and involved members. In April 2008 Arts on the Ave was the proud recipient of the 21st Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts.

Arts on the Ave has organized and presented a broad range of activities: extensive art showings, a variety of inter-disciplinary festivals as well as activities that are a blend of artistic expressions in an educational, mentoring and sharing environment. Using the existing cultural fabric to enliven Edmonton’s inner-city neighbourhoods, Arts on the Ave has showcased local talent, and crossed boundaries to establish a multi-disciplinary arts cluster.

The organization is engaged with the city and dedicated to the community through the cultivation of positive urban renewal. It is through culture-led urban regeneration initiatives, a vision of creative spaces and place-making that these art-infused communities have begun to flourish and provide a safe, nurturing environment for artists to thrive.

Vision, Mandate and Goals of AOTA

Arts on the Ave sees 118 Ave, (NAIT to Northlands), as a place whose “personality” is vividly expressed through the arts. This place has a dynamic momentum, “an arts pulse” where the artist and community continually engage.

At its core, Arts on the Ave believes in cultivating artistic fellowship through arts celebrations, signature art festivals, and traditions. The Society’s goals are to create opportunities for all individuals to experience the joy of artistic expression and to nurture creative environments. Arts on the Ave is comprised of visual and performance artists, literary and film artists, photographers, and musicians that collaborate and create in the Alberta Avenue Arts District.


  • To establish 118th Avenue as a Community Arts Avenue in Edmonton.
  • To host an annual Arts on the Ave festival along 118th Avenue which will showcase various artistic talents of its local members.
  • Arts on the Avenue will foster the building of positive relationships in an educational, mentoring and sharing environment.
  • To cross the boundaries of each art form and share together in the creative process.
  • To celebrate the community’s ethnicity in and through the art explored.
  • To reuse and revitalize existing buildings along 118th Avenue for the purpose of promoting the Arts in Edmonton, and to assist in the refurbishing of the area.
  • To provide a quality family-oriented arts facility which will foster caring for self and others through a co-op type membership.

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